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GESS International School Located near to Dairy Farm Road

GESS International School is a renowned international school situated in Singapore. It is one of the best private schools in Singapore. GESS is an International School, which offers quality education. The aim of the GESS International School is to promote understanding across different cultures and to ensure that each student has the opportunity to gain a full grasp of the discipline. Every aspect of the school is dedicated to give the students a quality education. In short, GESS offers a very friendly learning environment for the international students coming to study in their school.

GESS International School is a co-ed institution where men and women from different cultures mix with the people from every country of the world. This is in fact a very unique concept in the field of education as no other school can provide you with such an experience. The school has been accredited by the British and American accreditation bodies. As per the curriculum and study patterns, the International School caters to the students coming from different countries.

The history of the International School dates back to the year 1950 when it was established by a Mr. Paul GESS, who was from Denmark. The school has grown immensely since then. Apart from the regular courses, the school also offers the International Language Course (ILC). This course offers the students a complete insight into the working terminology and the interaction of the local and the international communities. ILC also helps the students understand the differences between the languages and culture and forms the foundation of the International School studies.

One of the major attractions of the International School is that it offers a multicultural education. Students coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds to mix with the people belonging to various countries. This creates a very strong bond among the students and helps in the growth of the students and the entire education process. In fact, many renowned universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and USA have sent their students to the International School.

English as a Second Language: GESS International School is a part of the English language accreditation body (EFLA). In order to get admitted in the International School, the students have to successfully complete the English language proficiency course. The EFLA makes sure that the quality of education offered to the students is high and the learning environment is one of support and relaxation. The other languages offered in the International School include French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese.

The students studying in tGESS International School also receive education in their mother tongue. The first school year starts with the introductory course, which is a two-credit course. The subjects taught are inclusive of social sciences and humanities, arts, sciences and mathematics. Specializations are also offered such as nursing science, commerce, electronics and information technology, healthcare, human resources and occupational studies, and political science and international business. The other subject offerings are accounting, chemistry, literature, journalism, science, sociology, and psychology.

One of the strengths of the International School is that it offers cultural education courses for its students. There is a strong emphasis on world cultures and traditions. Students learn about the different belief systems, traditions, customs, and beliefs across the globe. They also learn about history, music, dance, literature, and sport. These courses provide an understanding about the differences between the various civilizations.

The school also offers the opportunity for the students to join a student internship program. In the internships students get the chance to work in different departments and learn from the experts in the field. They also get exposure to new technologies, which they can apply in their future career. There are also seminars organized by the school on a regular basis. These seminars provide practical education on current trends in technology and politics.

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