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Twelve months ago the group acquired the Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa, with an eye on restoring the splendour of this property while re-establishing what the project had been about twenty years ago. The first phase of the project was already launched last month and has a final phase date that will allow for a launch in Sol Acres August of this year.

Sol Acres EC Choa Chu Kang

There is no doubt that Mr. Wilding’s relocation to Singapore is starting off on a positive note with Royal Group, who are the owners of such sites as Royal at Lai Chun Yeun, Royal at Chinatown and the Sofitel So hotels. Regardless of land costs that are constantly rising, Mr. Wilding is still excited about the prospects that are available for the group. He states that the guidelines for both banking and planning are quite clear, which will help in determining whether an opportunity will be right for them in a relatively short time frame. He also adds that he likes the “can-do” attitude that is alive and well in Singapore Sol Acres.

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Mr. Wilding has high optimism regarding the future of Royal Group in these areas, stating that the next 6 months will be focused on bringing stability to their portfolio. Over the next couple of years there are specific plans in place to double the room count for the group.

The primary markets for the group are Malaysia (where the group operates the Kuala Lumpur based Double Tree by Hilton Hotel), Sydney and Singapore. He notes that Singapore’s trend at the moment, taken by Singaporeans, is on “stay-cations”. Singaporeans tend to opt for packages for hotels instead of just paying for accommodations for one or two nights. Mr. Wilding’s reply to this mirrors his enthusiasm, in that he states the group Sol Acres embraces this trend and will be working to give their guests a more foreign experience and feel without them needing to leave Singapore to do so.

Sol Acres EC by MCL Land

With Peter Wilding’s keen eye for key Sol Acres Choa Chu Kang markets, the aspiration towards combining efficiency and speed, and his enthusiasm to offer guests an experience not to be found elsewhere, MCL Land Royal Group Holdings is sure to keep its place as a very strong contender in South-east Asia’s hospitality industry.

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