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Property Cooling Measures | Sol Acres

Khaw Boon Wan, who is the National Development Minister, has recently stated that this is not the right time for making adjustments to the property cooling measures set in place, nor to even lift a few of these temporary initiatives. For the time being these cooling measures will be staying put. An appropriate time to adjust things will be when the equilibrium of the market becomes more stable and sustainable.

Sol Acres EC Cooling Measures

A continues slide of private housing prices has occurred for the 7th quarter in a row, the longest streak to be seen in 13 years, with a fall of 0.9% between the months of April to June.

In an interview on August 13th with Today, Mr. Khaw stated that, even though things are a bit cooler in the property market at this time, with drastic adjustments in pricing in some of the private market sub-sectors, there is still a way to go for other segments in the market for sol acres cho chu kang grove.

Both public and private housing market sales and purchase data are being closely monitored by authorities, who are also keeping a sharp eye on price fluctuations and trends in sub-sectors. Mr. Khaw pointed out that this means there is no straightforward means of seeking out a statistic or figure, so that one can claim the right time has arrived. This is because of the interlinked various moving parts in sol acres new ec which are all affected.

Sol Acres Lot One

It was noted by Mr. Khaw that temporary and structural initiatives were part of the various rounds of Government rolled out cooling measures for sol acres at choa chu kang, such as the Loan to Value limits and Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty.

He further adds that any lifting or adjusting of these measures needs to occur when the time is right for them. Right now is not that time because the equilibrium of the market is not yet certain or sustainable.

Sol Acres EC Choa Chu Kang

Mr. Khaw pointed out that the economy and property market of Singapore can be impacted by what is going on in the environment around them. One of the biggest factors right now is interest rates, a subject that central banks across the globe have been talking about. The normalization of interest rates is a subject that has been talked about for some time now, and Mr. Khaw feels that the process of normalization in the market will also take a long time for Sol Acres EC Choa Chu Kang.

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